Arsene Wenger: Time to Collect the Turner Prize

May 19, 2009

As the mindless Arsenal supporters call for the head of the 2nd best manager in The Premier League, leaving them on the brink of losing Arsene Wenger to Real Madrid for one last hurrah, one small headline on Sky Sports News grabbed my attention “Michael Turner voted Hull supporters player of the year”. How are the two things linked? Well should Arsene decide to stay and complete his latest work of art he shold look no further than Turner to complete the picture.

I first saw Turner at Brentford (my team) he was on loan from Charlton after spending time in Italy and looked the part. Quick, strong,  good in the air, read the game and  was English. He takes up the position of defender as if his life depends on it as the Hull fans have obviously recognised. He could be to Arsenal what Vidic is to Man Utd, Terry is to Chelsea and Carragher is to Liverpool. He won’t cost the 20 million Fulham want for Hangerland and Bolton want for Cahill and with Hull almost certain to be relegated at the weekend Phil Orange will not be able to turn down a sensible offer.

Wenger knows he needs an old fashioned centre back but his hands are tied financially by the Arsenal board he should snap up Turner  from the second hand tinker from Hull. A classic English work and fit him in alongside  his continental finery.  A true gallery contains all manner of works and Wenger has a gaping hole on his wall that a Turner would fill very nicely.


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