Ashley Cole: Boooooooooo!!!

October 13, 2008


So poor Ashley was booed by those nasty men who always ruin his game. If I was him I would have picked up my ball and gone home, that would have shown them. Bollocks, how can a man so devoid of any of the most basic human decencies, integrity, honesty, faithfulness the list goes on be upset by a few paying fans booing such a monumental cock up. What if those boos are still ringing in his ears the next time he considers such an ill conceived back pass (it could be 0-0 against Brazil in a world ciup quarter final) and he thinks again and lumps into row Z an we don’t concede a needless goal? Would they be so mindless and unfair then? I don’t think so.

Anyway if there was ever a footballer who deserved booing on any occasion even if he’s playing well (when was the last time that happened by the way?) the that player is Ashley Cole. The way he left Arsenal, The Book (good God The Book!), the Mike Reilly incident “There’s my name, fucking book me, go on fucking book me” the man is sheer class on a stick and for me the biggest blight on this arsehole his treatment of the fragrant, lovely Cheryl Tweedy. What was she thinking?

I suggest ritual booing of Asley Cole becomes prevelant around the country, even at Stamford Bridge where he is far from the most popular player even among the Chelsea die hards. Fuck me, he earns a hundred grand a week, plays for Chelsea and Enlgland and is married to Cheryl. I feel another one coming on BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I bet that hurt eh Ashley.


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