Nicolas Anelka: A Mercenary Tale

May 22, 2008

Van der Sar saves to win it for Man Utd

I remember watching a 17 year old Nicolas Anelka tear up the Premier League and win the FA Cup as a teenager at Arsenal and thinking this boy is going to be REALLY good. It was almost impossible to recognise the dis-interested figure that ambled on to the pitch last night and took a penalty that we all knew he would miss. How can it go that wrong and will the decision to buy Anelka and then use him instead of Shevchenko be the final nail in Avram Grant’s coffin?

Anelka is the ultimate football mercenary, moving from club to club leaving trail of dissapointed fans, staff and team mates as he moves on to the next fat contract. I would love to see what he has earned in wages and sining on fees in the last ten years. The saddest thing of all is that he looks like he doesn’t care. Whatever your view on Didier Dogba at least he gives a shit, Shevchenko in Russia in The Champions League Final would have known the importance of the game. Anelka could have been turning out for anyone, in any game. “Do I really have to be here” seeped out of every pore from his body language, effort and THAT penalty.

Surely Avram Grant and his staff must have seen Anelkas apathy and left him on the bench, I’m no fan of Chelsea or John Terry or “Super Frank” but in a game where the two best sides in Europe couldn’t be seperated one kick of a ball from a man who epitomises¬†the very worst of modern football was decisive. This was money you should have saved Roman and you would probably be European Champions today, I think they call this irony.


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