Eduardo da Silva: Taylor Ill Suited To Cut His Cloth In The Premiership

February 25, 2008

 Arsenal striker Eduardo (right) in agony after a tackle by Martin Taylor (left)

 Many words have been written about “The Injury” this weekend. Some sense and some bollocks, I have tried to let my initial feelings subside before making my mind up and this is my view.

The pace of the Premiership is frightening, the top players athleticism, balance and sheer speed turns them into willo the wisps, there one minute, gone the next. Top defenders, Ferdinand, Woodgate, and their like rely on equal speed of thought and action to combat this, hardly if ever resorting to the kind of ill judged lunge perepetrated by Martin Taylor. My honest view is that Taylor aware of his inadequacy, wound up by his manager (the tackle was just 2 minutes into the game) and desperate not to be made a fool of took a split second decision fueled by adrenaline to stop Eduardo. If you have played the game at any level you KNOW that when you launch into that kind of shin high lunge that the ball is not your primary concern. Timing played no part, the ball and the player become one and stopping them at whatever cost is the choice that Taylor made.

The consequences for Eduardo we have all seen, it could have been Walcott or Adebayor or Ronaldo or Lennon or Joe Cole the list goes on. It boils down to one point, Martin Taylor is not good enough to be allowed on the same pitch as these players and this tackle as we have seen this season is becoming more prevelant and I guarantee WILL happen again. Wengers initial “What is he doing on a football pitch?” comment actually meant “What is he doing on a football pitch with MY players?”

The massive gap in the Premiership between the top clubs and those whose only purpose is to avoid relegation has many issues none less than in a large number of games with players going into them knowing they can’t win. You have professional sportsmen knowing they’re not good enough and managers winding them up to stop the opposition. It is a recipe for what happened on Saturday. The answer? There isn’t one, we can’t have a Premier Premiership involving 6 or 7 teams that can compete with each other on the same level. A European Super League? Ronaldo v Maldini every week, Adebayor v Cannavaro? It’s certainly more of a contest than Taylor v Eduardo. These are decisions for the talking heads at the FA and UEFA to consider.

Eduardo never stood a chance but nor did Martin Taylor, he knows his thought processes before he dived in half way up Eduardos leg, he knows what led him to make that decision. I would bet that the first 5 minutes of that game had been on his mind for some time “Let them know they’re in a game.” A career nearly finished in a flash because he knew he didn’t have the required skill to stop an opponent of that class. Eduardo will be lucky if he’s the same player again as well!


One Response to “Eduardo da Silva: Taylor Ill Suited To Cut His Cloth In The Premiership”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    taylor is an english fuck. hes a man of no class. he is a beast. Taylor almost looks like he has a smile on his face, ENGLISH COCK SUCKER

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