The New England Kit: Come In No. 6, Your Time Is Up.

February 10, 2008

 New England Away Kit

England played a home game in their new Umbro away shirt in Wednesdays international against Switzerland. Many people may have thought this a victory for the marketing men. I say not so, was Fabio Capello being slightly mischeivous in his selection? Umbro announced their new shirt in a fanfare of publicity hoping to rescue the diasaster of Englands non qualificaton for Euro 2008. There were the usual suspects, Terry number 6 (not available), Richards number 2 (not selected), Owen number 10 (not selected) and Cole (J) number 11 (selcted number 11). From memory the last kit was also available in Beckham 7 ( not selected) Lampard 8 (not available), Rooney 9 (selected number 9) and Gerrard 4 (selected number 10).

Is Capello as annoyed as I am that Umbro assume which England player will wear which shirt and then the players assume that their place in the England team is a given because JJB say so? I do hope so. I think it was a great start and the sight of Capello arms folded, not accepting mediocrity was one to cherish.

This marketing nonsense must stop so keep messing with the marketing boys Fabio and keep those pampered, prima donnas on their toes.


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