Tom Huddlestone: Were You Watching Fabio?

January 27, 2008

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Anyone who has stumbled across my musings on the English game will be more than aware of my pessimissm regarding the national team. It is with no pleasure that I was right in my assertion that we would not qualify for Euro 2008. There is however a young man learning his trade at Tottenham who gives me real cause for optimism, Tom Huddlestone.

This mountain of a young man was playing first team footbal for Derby at 16, moved seamlessly into the England Under 21 set up, flourished with limited opportunities under Martin Jol at Spurs and now looks like a young Franz Beckenbauer in the making except Huddlestone has a better range of passing and more shooting ability than The Kaiser.

His performance at centre back today for Spurs against the much vaunted Man Utd forward line was almost faultless, it was the first time he had played there this season, he is 21 years old! Fabio Capello, a man who knows football must have seen this performance and must pencil Huddlestone in for his first full cap in the up coming freindly.

Capello should be trusted as to which position is Huddlestones best, my opinion for what it’s worth is a centre back pairing of Huddlestone and Rio Ferdinand gives England the best pair of Footballing centre backs in the world as well as consigning the neanderthal John Terry to the international wilderness. With Micah Richards at right back and a fit and mentally right Ashley Cole at left back. Owen Hargreaves as a holding midfielder letting Stephen Gerrard do his thing unencombered by the dreadful Frank Lampard England will have the perfect base for our Anglo Italian revolution.

Do yourselves a favour and watch Huddlestone closely, capable of shooting with both feet, picking out a 40 yard PASS with both feet, not long ball hoof, there is a difference. He is a genuinely exciting English talent that is capable of being a true great and the heartbeat of the England team for at least 10 years, it’s a start and Huddlestone is the sort of player we are desperate for and have been unable to produce.


7 Responses to “Tom Huddlestone: Were You Watching Fabio?”

  1. […] daveross wrote a fantastic post today on “Tom Huddlestone: Were You Watching Fabio?”Here’s ONLY a quick extractFabio Capello, a man who knows football must have seen this performance and must pencil Huddlestone in for his first full cap in the up coming freindly. Capello should be trusted as to which position is Huddlestones best, my opinion for … […]

  2. Peter Evans Says:

    Good call! He looks a lot trimmer under Ramos and comfortable at centre back and midfield. Though given Spurs’ poor midfield and King/Dawson/Woodgate(?) at centre-back it may be that we see Huddlestone bossing the Spurs midfield in the significant future.

  3. […] has a better range of passing and more shooting ability than The Kaiser”. That’s DaveRoss‘ view on Tom Huddlestone who he tips to be a future England prospect for the next […]

  4. FPB Says:

    thoughtful posting d. huddlestone still leaves me thinking he doesn’t make his size/physique count. he’s built like a duncan edwards but tackles like tracey edwards at times. if he could develop a hard edge he could be awesome.

  5. daveross Says:

    Thanks for the link and kind words Peter and for your opinion PP. Entertaining as always, my ignorance leaves me unable to place Tracey Edwards, did she once play for Scotland?
    My point remains, he is 19, he has everything and is very un English which is to be encouraged. At the level we’re talking about talent and ability MUST come first, leave kicking lumps out of forwards in the 70’s where it belongs.

  6. T Says:

    Tom Huddlestone is by far the best passer of the ball in the premiership, and miles ahead of any englishmen’s passing, perhaps with the exception of Paul Scholes. I think he should definatley of been in the england squad and also think his best position is center midfield, however his performances at center back have been nothing short of Fantastic. How he is not starting for tottenham is beyond me. Wouldnt suprise me if hes playing his football at Old trafford this time next year. Hes 21 by the way

  7. daveross Says:

    Thanks for your comment T. It’s a shame Huddlestone didn’t make Capellos squad but he is part of a very impressive U21 squad. I will watch their game with interest. I will change his age in the post 19 or 21 stil very talented.

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