Injury Time: Englands Miracle Men Make Me Sick!

November 26, 2007

England manager Steve McClaren 

Having sifted through thousands of words blaming McClarens ineptidude, the pitch, the youth structure, Brian Barwick, The FA , those pesky Croatians just being too good, poor Scott “Lamb to the Slaughter” Carson, gutless overpaid players, Wayne “One Foot” Bridge the endless list goes on and on and agreeing that it was hopeless; I had an epiphany on Saturday evening watching Match Of The Day.

Could that really be Rio Ferdinand playing for Man Utd against Bolton? I must be seeing things he wasn’t fit for England. Then clear as day was John Terry and Ashley Cole turning out for Chelsea in their vital match against the mighty Derby County? “Keep off the Stella Dave” I mused, you’re halucinating next it will be UFO’s and celestial beings. No I wasn’t halucinating read this and dismiss all other reasons for Englands inability to draw against Croatia.


Analysis required:

1/ Who decided Rio, The Skipper and Ashley weren’t fit for Wednesday? We must assume it was their clubs as surely England would have got them on the pitch somehow in a game of that importance. If they weren’t fit then England don’t need to look for a new manager they just need to employ the medical wizards that got these injured stars fit in 72 hours! That way never again would we have to line up with inferior reserves in such a vital game.

2/ Who questioned their lack fitness? We must assume that Steve McClaren tried everything to get his best team out for his career defining match. Did he phone Fergie? Did he question Rio’s medical report? If not why not? Did Brian Barwick or anyone at the FA insist that their own medical staff decided whether the 3 musketeers really were unable to play? We know the answer of course they didn’t, they meekly backed away bowing and scraping and accepted that they weren’t fit.

3/ Did Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Ashley Cole insist that they were fit and that they wanted to play? John Terry makes a lot of noise about how important playing for England is, sorry John that’s bollocks! If the games were reversed i.e. Chelsea on the Wednesday and England on the Saturday I guarantee they would have played for their clubs then dropped out for England at the weekend.

This is the absolute crux of the England teams demise, it stands firmly in second place behind the clubs as a priority. It won’t change and we have to accept it. There is no doubt that Englands best 14 players could have gained a draw with Croatia whoever was in charge, the other issues remain and will continue to hurt England in future qualifying games. McClaren is an idiot, media trained to say and do nothing but his hands were tied. Unless we get someone with a backbone (Harry Redknapp is my personal preference) who will stand up to self serving Premiership managers and egotistical mis informed players then we are doomed to failure again and again.

These three miracles of modern medical science should never be selected for England again as a warning that being Englands number 3, 5 and 6 is not a given commercial opportunity. I would rather watch a team of players who want to play for England failing nobly a la Scotland than this bunch of underachievers treating England as a photoshoot and not the huge privelege it is.


4 Responses to “Injury Time: Englands Miracle Men Make Me Sick!”

  1. Peter Evans Says:

    Agreed that Harry Redknapp should be the leading English applicant. Never should Shearer, Pearce or any other wannabes be considered! And your right, how Terry and Cole could suddenly play 90 minutes on Saturday is a mystery.(I think Ferdinand was suspended for England, hence being left out the squad, i may be wrong though)

  2. daveross Says:

    Thanks Peter, research never was my strong point!! Apologies to Rio. Anyway when did Utd ever put a national team first? Ryan Giggs Welsh career is a prime example of club being more important than country.

  3. FPB Says:

    wotcha d
    it’s been a farce under mcclaren and barwick from day one. i’d like to see the FA split into a separate rules/discipline/amateur game body, and a commercial arm running FA cup, England and Wembley with a new strong figurehead(perhaps david gill or bernie ecclestone) reporting to him would be a representative of the playing side of the game eg a david beckham type figure as soon as he retires and a no-nonsense England manager with strong views and huge respect. o’neill or maybe capello for me. redknapp if it has to be an englishman, even though i think he’s lacking in international experience. purposeful leaders not trumped up assistants, tv negotiators and no blazers.
    priorities in the game have to change. platini has been close to being right this week that we are losing the sense of englishness from the game and it neeeds to be rescued back from the \prem league.

  4. FPB Says:

    think today’s arrest will forever rule out ‘dodgy’ ‘arry from ever getting the england job d

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