Ode to Sebastien Chabal

October 10, 2007


Rugby isn’t my sport as a rule but last weekend I watched the last 20 minutes of England beating Australia in the World Cup. In the evening I turned the TV on to catch the end of the France V New Zealand game to see who England would play in the semi final. I spent the next 20 minutes transfixed, unable to watch the game, only able to watch the most magnetic, charasmatic, incredible man mountain of a sportsman I have ever seen. Sebastien Chabal.

As an addition, my heart bled a little after the semi final defeat. But only a little. Even in defeat he created an image that transcends mere sport. He is a true icon.

This is my ode to Sebastien Chabal.  

Sebastien, le bastion de Les Bleus 

As a man c’est magifique,

I watch as a voyeur,

Marvel at a physique,

Of wonder and perfection.

Sebastien, the 7th wonder of the world,

Is your phenomenal beard,

The Gardens of Babylon,

Inspire where it is feared,

A monument to manhood.

Sebastien, a monster it is said,

By those without insight,

I see an angel instead,

Heavenly, strength, might,

A vision in blue lycra.

Sebastien, a man amongst men,

Like a moth to a flame,

Came Englands number 10,

Rugby no longer a game,

Art, beauty and the beast.


5 Responses to “Ode to Sebastien Chabal”

  1. Ivkkarate Says:

    Wow. you seem to talk about Sebastian Chabal all the time. You seem to concentrate on Chabal instead of the game.

  2. That poem is awesome, daveross. Seriously. The antisocialist, for one, loves it — and that’s not just because he looks like Mr. Chabal.

    Only one rhyme approaches an ever-so-slight trace of artifice: blue lycra.

    Now what the hell could be construed as controversial about somethine so excellent? Ultimately, this is a panegyric. It’s beautiful.

    Without exception, without hyberbole, this is the antisocialist’s favorite thing you’ve written. Ever.

    And that’s saying a lot.

    Best of all possible regards.

  3. wavy Says:

    lol spooky, write one where we beat the Sarf Africans :()

  4. […] the success of my Ode To Sebastien Chabal, I have decided to continue the theme with a few verses about Englands biggest threat this weekend […]

  5. […] non so se Kero se ne sia accorta o meno, qualche pagina dopo c’è una (breve) intervista a Sebastien Chabal con annesso servizio fotografico che, per la gioia della sore’, ho prontamente scansionato – […]

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