Steve McClaren: Better To Be Lucky Than Be A Genius

September 12, 2007


My dad was from Bury, Lancashire and he used to tell me “Dave lad, it’s better to be lucky than be a genius”. Watching Englands last two games that sentance from my past kept coming back to me.

Picture Steve McClaren things to do pad in the build up to these last two games:

1/ Win both games

2/ Get Frank, Wayne and Owen fit.

3/ No Crouchy, no Rooney (no fucking chance)

4/ Bribe the ref.

5/ Send cv to Bolton

You get the point he was screwed and desperate men do desperate things. Even the most blinkered pub analyst would not have picked Barry and Heskey but McClaren stuck his hand in the Premiership tombola and got lucky. Barry was a revelation and Heskey looked at times like the player he always should have been, unplayable.

Now can McClaren ride his luck and stick to this team? This will make or break him. Barry allows Gerrard to be the player he should be for Liverpool and England and passes consistently to a player in the same colour shirt as him. McClaren cannot go back to that preening show  pony Frank Lampard. He is not good enough and he stifles Gerrard. Heskey is a handful and Michael Owen enjoys playing with him and if Michaels fit, scoring and happy we’ve got a chance against anyone.

In essence McClaren should stop thinking and trying to prove he’s cleverer than Fergie and count his blessings, the team that played tonight will beat Estonia and almost certainly Croatia. Hold your nerve Steve and enjoy your good  fortune. We’ll all get behind you if you do the right thing. You lucky bastard!


5 Responses to “Steve McClaren: Better To Be Lucky Than Be A Genius”

  1. FPB Says:

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  3. FPB Says:

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  4. […] Will England go on ad win Euro 2008 almost certainly because Steve Maclaren is quite possibly the luckiest England manager yet. Someones looking out for him and we can ride that good luck to the finals. Defoe to score the […]

  5. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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