David Nugent: Does Anyone Want Him?

July 9, 2007

11th July 2007: The day after I wrote this post David Nugent signed for Portsmouth for £ 6 million. I don’t think my post loses any of it’s validity. Let me know what you think.  


Following on from my previous post about the lack of young English talent and our coaches inability to find and nurture talent one story in this summers transfer merry go round has me gripped. Will David Nugent, Englands next centre forward find a team in our top league that wants him?

Now I have to admit I haven’t seen a lot of Nugent, reports from a freind who supports QPR and has seen him in the flesh were not encouraging and he appears to lack the natural pace of an Henry, the ball skills of a Rooney or the physical strength of a Drogba. So what is the fuss about? Lots of goals for Preston and a couple of good under 21 performances do not a top four player make. I don’t have anything against Nugent, I’m sure he’s a hardworking, honest English centre forward. It’s what he represents that bothers me. He his one of the top ten English strikers playing at the moment yet Preston can’t give him away. I will not accept that he is the best that England can produce, all top English clubs, foreign owners or not need to understand the need to find quality young English players. This reliance on quick fix foreign imports will ultimately kill the game in this country. Kids need to believe it could be “them” to develop their love of football and as every premiership team swells its ranks with more “Carlos Kickaballs” so that dream will continue to die and they will move on to a sport where they believe their dreams can come true.

This is a campaign of national importance and I will attempt to flag this blog on at least one blog for every premiership club.

I will leave you with this thought how would you feel if your club spent £7 million on David Nugent? The future of English football.


3 Responses to “David Nugent: Does Anyone Want Him?”

  1. Maxinquaye Says:

    Haven’t people been screaming “The end is nigh!” for about two decades now in relation to foreign players in the English top flight?

    The Premiership is currently one of the best leagues in the world thanks to the influx of continental and world talent, and I for one welcome it. This sort of recruitment needs to happen in order for the Premiership to keep up with La Liga and Serie A.

    By the by, I would venture that Holland has a more active and productive youth system than England, as the ‘Ajax model’ being adopted and supported by countless other European clubs demonstrates.

  2. daveross Says:

    I actually agree with everything you say.England will not qualify for Euro 2008. Now this doesn’t mean the end is nigh but it’s a sorry state of affairs for the country with the best league in the world.
    I will happilly accept every Henry, Drogba, Ronaldo etc but where are the English versions? I repeat our best apparently is Nugent!
    I would love our clubs to accept and reproduce the Ajax model as they are rich enough to keep genuine English talent and not sell en masse as Ajax have to do.
    My main question remains. Apart from an occasional exception e.g Rooney why don’t our clubs and coaches produce great players from the millions of kids that play and love football in this country?

  3. Maxinquaye Says:

    Although I can see your point, I think you’re being a tad pesimistic, Dave.

    With the likes of Foster, Lennon, Richards, Huddlestone plus all the other youngsters that put in a sterling performance during the U21 tournament a few weeks back, I don’t think England are in any worse shape than they have been in living memory.

    What’s different now than from Italy 1990 when England got to a World Cup semi final, two games away from potential glory?

    With regards to your main question (occasional exceptions), I think the answer is simple: a quick fix. There’s so much at stake these days now that we’re in the time of foreign investment that results need to be had a.s.a.p.

    Why spend 5 years developing the next Rooney when you can spend £25M (that’s $45M) on Torres?

    If you were Benitez, would you be thinking “If I give Neil Mellor a couple of more years, he’ll probably turn out alright”, or would you snap Uncle Sam’s hand off when he offers you the green to buy one of Europe’s brightest young talents (who I suspect may go the same way as Morientes)?

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