I’d Give My Left Foot To Be Ambidextrous!

May 24, 2007

  Steven Gerrard's shot is saved by Dida

 With thanks to the late great Eric Morcambe who once joked “Oh yes, I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous”. His line and I’ve nicked it to make a point.

No doubt if you’re reading this you’re a football fan and you would have seen the Champions League Final and you will remember the moment when the game was lost for Liverpool. Steven Gerrard, captain, best player and about to sign a contract reported to be worth a hundred and sixty grand a week was through on goal inside Milans penalty area. We all held our breath he must shoot, he must score. Well no he didn’t, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t, he didn’t  smash it with his left foot he cut inside on his right foot and passed it back to a relieved Dida.

Now, I don’t want to dig out Stevie G, he is a great player but wouldn’t he be twice the player if he could use his left foot? Michael Owen, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Peter Crouch, Ashley Cole and many many more, will only use their favoured foot. These guys are paid an absolute fortune to play football, surely to god they could find half an hour a day to practice with their swinger until they could use it. All the great coaches Ferguson, Benitez, Mourinho have players, great players that will only use one foot even in front of goal when they would rather let the chance go than take a chance. This just cannot be right.

My twin sons who are now 11 both are naturally right footed but because I taught them early they will now use both feet. One will even take corners and free kicks with his left foot if it gives him a better angle. Come on all you professionals your coaches have let you down but take the chance to put it right. Find some time every day to practice. When your chance comes like Gerrards you won’t let it go. Think about it, if he could use his left foot Livepool would be European Champions today.


One Response to “I’d Give My Left Foot To Be Ambidextrous!”

  1. Sion David Weeks Says:

    Hey mate. I’ve just been outside practising my free kicks and kick ups. NOW, I’ve never been good at kick ups but I now can juggle the ball 50 60 times but I can’t use my left foot to save my life. While running with the ball I am great using both feet, I can controll the ball well and use good skill with both of my feet. I just can’t use it to shoot or anything else. What im asking is can you give me any tips on how to become better with my left foot. I have started practising but I was wondering if you had any other tips. Do you know of any websites that can help me aswell.

    Much appreciated and I also wish that Gerrard could have put that away.



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