West Ham: It’s Not In Your Hands!

May 7, 2007

In the build up to this weekends games both Paul Jewell and Neil Warnock spoke of their disgust at West Ham not having points deducted over the Tevez Affair. Well Mr Jewell and Mr Warnock the League fixture computer has offered you the perfect opportunity to put things right. There are a couple of assumptions but this is how I see it.

1/ Charlton will not win both their remaining games leaving them stranded on a maximum of 36 points if they manage to win one of their remaining 2 games.

2/ West Ham will lose to Man Utd by at least 1 goal leaving them on 38 points and a goal difference of at best -26.

Therefore if Sheffield Utd and Wigan contrive a 1-0 win to Wigan on the last day of the season based on the above 2 assumptions West Ham will be relegated on goal difference. How sweet would that be?

The table involving these 3 clubs would then look something like this:

                        P        GD    Pts

Wigan             38    -22     38

Sheff Utd       38    -23     38


West Ham     38    – 26     38

Charlton                             36

Watford                              27

Now this is a risk but Man Utd will want to celebrate winning the title with a win on the last day of the season. At worst Wigan and Sheffield play out a 0-0 first half and see if West Ham are out of it by half time. Come on northern boys take this chance to put one over your rich southern rivals. I want to see what The FA, The Premier League and Match of The Day would make of that!


One Response to “West Ham: It’s Not In Your Hands!”

  1. Joe Says:

    you idiot, it was in West Hams hands and they won, what a moron you look now.

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