Peter Crouch: Who’s Laughing Now?

April 23, 2007


There is a football scout / coach out there who deserves a massive pat on the back. The guy who first saw Peter Crouch play and thought “You know what, he’s got something” should be cloned and a copy given to every professional club. I know what it’s like to be tall and slim, not as tall as Crouchy and possibly not as slim but you are instantly viewed differently. Clubs seem to want the classic footballer build, 5ft 10 – 6ft, short stocky legs and a big torso. I can only imagine what Peter Crouch went through during his time as a youth player. His is one footballers autobiography I would love to read! His peers, parents, coaches must have sneered at this perceived freak. “He”ll never make it, no low centre of gravity see.” Bollocks. He did make it.A freind of mine is a QPR supporter and he told me one Monday of this giant kid with legs like matchsticks who played for Rangers, “but he had a great touch”. Kudos to Gerry Francis who took a chance. So his career went through Portsmouth, Villa and Southampton where no-one could look beyond his size, some “football men” are so fucking blinkererd it makes me sick to think of the wasted talent because they didn’t fit the football stereotype. Then there’s Harry Redknapp, should have had the England job before Sven, his West Ham team now support most of the top Premiership clubs the man has vision. He didn’t care what Crouch looked like at Southampton, he knew he could play.

Now Rafa Benitez another manager who sees things differently is reaping the rewards and Englands qualification for Euro 2008 rests on Crouch’s broad, boney shoulders. Peter, true football fans are behind you. The BBC pundits and Andy fucking Gray still say “well has he scored against the top teams?” Which England player has? We never get to play any, we’re always knocked out in the sodding quarter-finals!

I look forward in hope more than expectation that Peter Crouch will be accepted for his strength of character, touch, awareness, eye for a goal and sheer football ability rather than his height. If every reference to Michael Owen were preceded by tiny, shortarse or mini as Crouches are beanpole, giant or lanky his lawyers would be on the case. Crouchy just lets his feet do the talking.

His is one tall story I hope has a happy ending. He who laughs last laughs longest, literally.


3 Responses to “Peter Crouch: Who’s Laughing Now?”

  1. Peter Evans Says:

    Crouchs book is out now and it is a very interesting read. (great site btw)

  2. daveross Says:

    Thanks for your comment Peter, I will try and get around to Crouchy’s book. Like your site too thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Wish I’d studied journalism and not left school at 16. Follow your dream, you won’t regret it.

  3. Peter Evans Says:

    Thanks dave, hope will be enough to get me a decent sports journalism job when the time comes around. Hoping this blog will help!

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