Jose Mourinho: The Kings New Clothes Edition

April 23, 2007


I’m sure you are all aware of the fable “The Kings New Clothes”. The king was conned by a pair of tailors who convinced him that their suit of clothes was the finest. The King was actually stark bollock naked but no-one had the balls to tell him. During a parade one child stood up and pointed out the kings bare arse and so the story goes.

Well I am going to be the kid that points out Jose Mourinhos bare arse, “The Special One” my arse!

Let me take you back to Jose’s time at Porto where he won the Portuguese League and the Champions League, a fine achievement…. but he got lucky. He was handed Deco on a plate, desperate for Portuguese nationality this Brazillian genious was at his best under Mourinho. Add in Costinha, Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira  and the Portuguese League was a given. The Champions League needs some investigation, but if you love your football you will remember Paul Scholes perfectly good goal in Man Utd’s 2nd leg against Porto that was disallowed. He was 2 yards on side, Porto should have gone out, the Special One would have vanished without trace. Somehow they made the final where ironically they should have played against and almost certainly lost to Claudio Ranieri’s Chelsea. How that side contrived to lose against eventual finallists Monaco god only knows. Deco had a great game in the final Porto were champions and the kings new clothes were made.

He arrived at Chelsea and the British press were the crowd that declared that this kings clothes were the finest, not so:

1: He inherited a great team from Ranieri who would certainly have matched Mourinhos acheivements in that first season.

2: Roman Abramovitch supplied a fortune to buy the best players at whatever cost. Any manager could have spent that money as well if not better than Mourinho.

3: Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool the true giants of the English game were in transition and ripe for the taking. This seasons performances by Man Utd emphasise that point. Liverpool managed to win the Champions League despite Chelseas millionaire benefactor. Arsene Wengers youth policy continues to shame Chelsea and their time will come again.

4: My mum could  send a Chelsea side out to beat most Premiership teams. When Mourinhos needed to be “special” in the Champions League he has failed again and again.

5: When Shaun Wright-Phillips signed for Chelsea he was on a par at that time with Cristiano Ronaldo. He has gone backwards under Mourinho while Ronaldo has flourished at United.

I haven’t got the time to carry on but it is clear after today’s game at Watford that if Boothroyd was at Chelsea and Mourinho at Watford they would both be in the same position. Where is Chelseas legacy as at Man Utd? Where is the youth policy to match Arsenal? Where are the European cups to match Liverpool?

Mourinho is a sham, he couldn’t play the game and apart from spending Abramovitch’s money on players that have actually made Chelsea worse and less entertaining he has achieved no more than any manager would expect in his circumstances. Abramovitch has obviously realised and Mourinho will be gone at the end of this season. God help the rest of The Premiership if Abramovitch employs a real talent to spend his money.

This blind hero worship cannot continue, let’s see how special he would be down at Griffin Park in League 2 next season.

The special one is in the altogether and it’s time he put some clothes on. 


2 Responses to “Jose Mourinho: The Kings New Clothes Edition”

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  2. siw4488 Says:

    Good Post and it would seem that the King is now stark b*llock naked.

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