Cristiano Ronaldo: You’re All Just Jealous

April 23, 2007


 Cristiano Ronaldo, without doubt the greatest footballer of all time. No I do not support the Mancs, Brentford man and boy. Everyone wants him in their team, supporters, managers, players. Every club, TV station wants him to perform for them. He makes George Best look pedestrian, he is quicker than Maradonna with more skills, Zidane could never catch him never mind head butt him. Beckham, don’t start me on Beckham a one footed mannequin, who is not Man Utds greatest no. 7. Yes everone loves him until………. he skins your full back for the umpteempth time but this time more by luck than judgement a desperate lunge catches his heel and Cristiano tumbles to the ground, PENALTY. Of course it’s a fucking penalty every time its a penalty. You and the rest of your team are not good enough, be grateful you played against him it guarentees life long fame. Pictures of this genius will be shown on televisons, you tube, everywhere for ever.

I am sick and tired of beaten defenders, and managers saying “He’s very good at what he does” implying that he cheats better than anyone else. Bollocks, get over it if you chase this boy away to Spain the Premier League will take years to get over it. Grow up, if he takes the piss work harder and get better yourself don’t try and bring him down to your level go away and improve. Yes that’s you George Boeteng.

If we’re lucky we’ve got another 10 years of footballing genius to witness, god I wish he was English but every ounce of flair would have been coached out of him before he was 16. Thats why we end up with Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham etc. The golden generation? They’re barely tin.



One Response to “Cristiano Ronaldo: You’re All Just Jealous”

  1. SimonW Says:

    Amen to that.

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